Monkee's of Mountain Brook . . .

We are so happy to be here in the this great community of Mountain Brook. Our mission is to have a casual, fun, and hospitable environment that feels like you have just gone to your girlfriend's home to try on clothes.  

We also have a huge focus on a generational shopping experience. We want you to be able to shop for a high school aged girl, also have many options for her mother, and yet some options for her grandmother.  There is no reason to move from store to store to shop for the different age groups.

We are also a family run business, with every member of our family helping out either behind the scenes or assisting you in the store. All the product buying is from the mother and daughter team of Melissa Cunningham-Campbell and Caroline Campbell. Caroline buys for the younger age groups and Melissa for everyone else.  

Caroline Campbell is a graduate of Furman University and received her Master's degree from Auburn Uniersity, and has been assisting with the buying since the beginning. She now manages the store with the help of her mother.  Her and Melissa,  go to market and conduct buying together. "We share a love for fashion, design, and retail. The best part of this store are the people that work here and our customers who make every day worth the effort"